Beautiful, Effective New Zealand Cartography.

By Andrew Douglas-Clifford

The Map Kiwi designs bespoke maps with a focus on effectiveness and clarity.

New Zealand State Highways Tube Map

New Zealand’s State Highways represented in the style of the iconic London Underground Tube map.

Te Reo Māori Map of Aotearoa New Zealand

A fantastic resource for learning more about New Zealand places from a uniquely Te Reo perspective.

Murky Waters Unmapped areas of seafloor

We know more about the surface of Mars than our deepest oceans. A map of areas we haven't mapped.

Andrew Douglas-Clifford

Cartographer and Geospatial Professional

The Map Kiwi features the work of Andrew Douglas-Clifford, a freelance cartographer based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

This website originally began as a blog in early 2016 dedicated to posting various maps I created while studying for my degree.

The exploding popularity of the New Zealand State Highway Metro Map saw my work reported in the New Zealand Herald, Stuff, Lonely Planet and on an interview with John Campbell on RNZ’s Checkpoint programme. The map also won me the New Zealand Cartographic Society People’s Choice Map Award and placed me as a finalist in the New Zealand Spatial Excellence Awards in the student category in 2016.

With the demand for beautiful, aesthetically pleasing cartography, The Map Kiwi was born. With a focus on New Zealand, The Map Kiwi designs print maps across a variety of subjects and locations. These include London underground-inspired transport maps, topographic maps, and a range of art-inspired and experimental cartography. The majority of print designs and products I create can be bought here on my website, and also in some retail stores. To date, designs from The Map Kiwi find themselves on hundreds of walls across New Zealand and abroad.