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Te Reo Māori Language Map of New Zealand

A Te Reo Maori language map of towns and cities across New Zealand. A great educational resource!

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New Zealand State Highway Metro Map

New Zealand's State Highways as you've never seen them before, represented in the style of the iconic London Underground Tube map.

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NZ's Historical Tram Networks

Network diagrams showing the extent of street trams in Auckland and Christchurch in the first half of the 20th Century, and decommissioned during the 1950's.

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Lakes of New Zealand Poster

Information on lake area, maximum depth and lake formation is all packed into this beautiful wall sized poster, created as part of the 7 Day Cartography Challenge.

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Christchurch Typography Map

Christchurch's central city is represented in immaculately detailed type, alongside the Avon River, Hagley Park and the Garden City’s various parks.

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Provence of Canterbury Antique Style Map

A beautifully designed and crafted map print of the Canterbury Region that draws its inspiration from antique maps.

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Christchurch Colourful Map

A colourful map artwork of Christchurch representing individual properties boundaries in a spectrum of colours.

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Nobody Lives Here

A map of New Zealand showing just how much land is uninhabited per square kilometre, making up 78.21% of our total land area.

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Topographic Maps

Renditions of New Zealand's dynamic landscape, often taking inspiration from historical maps. Map designs include Banks Peninsula, Wellington Harbour and D'Urville Island.

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Wellington 9 Metre Sea Level Rise

A twist on the familiar Wellington coastline showing the dramatic impact of a 9 metre rise in sea level on the city.

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NZ Topo Web Map

A web map created using both OpenStreetMap and Land Information New Zealand topographic data to create a topographic map that is fast, dynamic and zoomable.

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Christchurch Cycleways Route Map

A map showing the major cycling routes that the Christchurch City Council is in the progress of constructing across the city.

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Metro Christchurch Bus Network Map

An unofficial adaptation of the Metro Christchurch Bus Network, showing bus routes in the style of a tube map.

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NationalMap Website (Critchlow)

A series of maps highlighting the various aspects of Critchlow's NationalMap dataset, with cartography custom designed for their product website.

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Map Dots

Map Dots are bold and stylish designs of a range of New Zealand’s cities that look great on any wall, highlighting the intricacy of roads, rivers and coastlines.

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   About The Map Kiwi

The Map Kiwi features the work of Andrew Douglas-Clifford, a freelance cartographer and GIS Professional based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

This website originally began as a blog in early 2016 dedicated to posting various maps I created while studying for my degree. The exploding popularity of the New Zealand State Highway Metro Map saw my work reported in the New Zealand Herald, Stuff, Lonely Planet and on an interview with John Campbell on RNZ's Checkpoint programme. The map also won me the New Zealand Cartographic Society's People's Choice Map Award, and placed me as a finalist in the New Zealand Spatial Excellence Awards in the student category in 2016. With demand for beautiful, aesthetically pleasing cartography, The Map Kiwi was born. 

With a focus on New Zealand, The Map Kiwi designs print maps across a variety of subjects and locations. These include London underground inspired transport maps, topographic maps, and a range of art inspired and experimental cartography. The majority of print designs and products I create can be bought here on my website, and also in some retail stores. To date, designs from The Map Kiwi find themselves on hundreds of walls across New Zealand and abroad.

The Map Kiwi also offers a range of tailored cartography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services. Get in touch to discuss the requirements of your custom design.