I've had an overwhelming response to my South Island Metro map, and a lot of requests for the North Island as well. I'm happy to say that it's finally here! I'm also excited to announce that print versions of these maps will be available!

Update: You can now get the full New Zealand design as a poster print (along with my other maps) and on t-shirts on my very own store, The Map Kiwi! Have a browse of the designs below.

The whole New Zealand map below:

New Zealand Full Metro Map lowres CC-NC-ND

The North Island:

NZ North Island Metro Map lowres CC-NC-ND

The North Island has a surprisingly large number of State Highways, which makes things a bit more crowded. Being a South Islander, I now know the North a lot better after working on this. Who knew there was a town called National Park?

NZ South Island Metro Map lowres CC-NC-ND

Update: These maps were featured by the New Zealand Herald, Stuff.co.nz and M2 Magazine, and were included in the University of Otago's Hockens Collection. I also appeared on Radio New Zealand's Checkpoint program with John Campbell, you can watch the interview here.

I've also created an Australian map which you can check out here.
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