#30DayMapChallenge 2021- A Wrap Up

Those of you that follow my social media pages during the month of November will of course be familiar with the 30 Day Map Challenge – a social media cartography challenge predominantly centered around Twitter. For each day of the month, there is a different theme or topic to map.

There are no requirements on how many maps are made – some people may just do a couple, while others might attempt to cover nearly all of the themes. Ever since doing my previous self-styled 7 Day Cartography Challenge back in 2017, I’ve enjoyed the concept of just sitting down and smashing an interesting map out. It’s a great way to avoid resting on one thing for too long, exposes me to new datasets and skills, and the results are pretty awesome too!

For this year’s 30 Day Map Challenge, I decided to see how far I could get, and here they all are! I hope you enjoy them.

List of Maps for 2021:

  • Day 1 (Points) – Fish and Chip Shops of Christchurch. A point in time map of where fish and chips can be found in the garden city.
  • Day 2 (Lines) – Christchurch Coastal Shared Pathway. Also known as Te Ara Ihutai, a beautiful walk along the estuary on a sunny day!
  • Day 3 (Polygons) – South Island Pastoral Leases. This land includes some of New Zealand’s iconic high country scenery, and is cultural, environmentally, and economically significant.
  • Day 4 (Hexagons) – The NZ Dairy Boom, 1994-2017. A map showing a hexagon grid of New Zealand, showing increases to dairy cattle between 1994 and 2017. High values are concentrated in Canterbury, Southland, Manawatu and Waikato.
  • Day 5 (OpenStreetMap) – Hinewai Reserve. Hinewai Reserve is a 1250 ha ecological restoration project near Akaroa on Banks Peninsula.
  • Day 6 (Red) – New Zealand’s Coastal Sea Surface Temperature Trend. A map of coastal sea surface temperature trend changes between 2002 and 2018. Areas near Westport experienced the highest change, while the Eastern Coast of the North Island experienced the lowest.
  • Day 7 (Green) – Abel Tasman National Park Cross Stitch. A map of Abel Tasman National Park showing hut locations and tracks.
  • Day 8 (Blue) + Day 9 (Monochrome) – Doctor Who Locations. A blue map of England and Wales, showing the counts of locations that have been featured in the TV show Doctor Who. There are large labeled clusters shown in London and Cardiff.
  • Day 10 (Raster) – Golden Bay and Farewell Spit. Golden Bay and Farewell Spit, shown here in LINZ’s awesome 10m satellite imagery.
  • Day 11 (3D) – What’s In a City? 3D Edition Story Map [Interactive]. I’ve remastered my ‘What’s in a City?’ interactive Story Map with shiny 3D visuals, letting you soar around the Christchurch CBD! 
  • Day 12 (Population) – The Great Kererū Count 2021. A map of Kererū observations across New Zealand as recorded in the Great Kererū Count 2021 survey.
  • Day 13 (Natural Earth) – Global Methane Emissions Per Capita [Interactive]. Venturing back towards interactive maps, here’s a web map of Global Methane emissions per capita, created using Natural Earth and OWID country data.
  • Day 14 (Map with New Tool) – Christchurch Cycle Commute Patterns [Interactive]. Commute data visualised with a bit more excitement than boring census tables.
  • Day 15 (Map without a Computer) – Swallows & Amazons. My cartography skills are pretty firmly anchored in the digital realm, but here’s my attempt at a hand-drawn reproduction of the map from the classic children’s book Swallows & Amazons.
  • Day 16 (Urban) + Day 17 (Land) – Christchurch Cycleway Network by Land Use. Christchurch’s Major Cycleway Network, shown by land-use zone within 500m of all the completed and planned major cycle routes.
  • Day 18 (Water) + Day 19 (Islands) – Matiu / Somes Island. Distances to places around Wellington from Matiu / Somes Island, which sits in the midddle of the Wellington Harbour.
  • Day 20 (Movement) – Antarctic Iceberg Tracks. Dating back to the 1970’s.
  • Day 21 (Elevation) – Taranaki Maunga. Testing out a different style of relief hillshading.
  • Day 22 (Boundaries) – In a Box [Interactive]. An interactive deep dive into the boundaries that surround you wherever you are.
  • Day 23 (GHSL Dataset) – The Nile Delta. The Nile River Delta, Egypt – what pattern of human settlement looks cooler than this?
  • Day 24 (Historical) – Gold Mining Operations. This one was a bit of fun to do, throwing some gold nuggets around the map! Note: there are some inaccuracies on the map (which was made in a hurry!)
  • Day 26 (Choropleth) + Day 27 (Heatmap) – Dairy, Sheep + Beef, or Both? A 3D perspective map showing concentrations of livestock across New Zealand. The colours distinguish between areas with just dairy, just sheep+beef farming and areas with both.
  • Day 28 (Not Flat) – Te Aō | The World Dymaxion Map. The globe may not be flat, but why not make it a 20 sided icosahedron instead? Download and cut out this map of Te Reo continent names and build your own.
  • Day 29 (NULL / No Data) – NZ Rainbow Community, 2018 Census. There was no representation of New Zealand’s Rainbow Community in the 2018 census – meaning that it is difficult to find data to help target much-needed healthcare and support services to this often underlooked part of society.


Click the images below to see larger versions of each of these maps.

Print designs by award winning cartographer Andrew Douglas-Clifford.

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