Below are a list of maps and projects that I've worked on.

Click on a map to view a larger version and read more about how they were made.

New Zealand State Highway Metro Map

New Zealand's State Highways as you've never seen them before, represented in the style of the iconic London Underground Tube map.

Christchurch Typography Map

A map of Christchurch's layout represented beautifully using typography.

Te Reo Māori Language Map of New Zealand

A Te Reo Maori language map of towns and cities across New Zealand.

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Christchurch Future Cycleways Map

A map showing the major cycling routes that the Christchurch City Council is in the progress of constructing across the city.

NZ City Colouring Maps

A series of black and white colouring maps depicting a series of New Zealand towns and cities, as seen in the New Zealand Herald.

Wellington Sea Level Rise

My goal for this map was to put a twist on the familiar Wellington coastline by showing the dramatic impact of a 9 metre rise in sea level on the city.

Topographic Maps

Renditions of New Zealand's varied and dynamic topographic landscape, often taking inspiration from historical maps.

Highways of Australia Metro Map

A follow up to the New Zealand map, this map shows Australia's main highways and roads in the style of the London Underground map.

A Map of Puns: Bulls, New Zealand

The town of Bulls, located near the west coast of the North Island, is widely known for their bullish marketing of the town’s amenities. 

Tasman Regional Atlas

A series of maps created for the final assignment of GISC 403 in the Masters in Geographic Information Science (MGIS) programme.

The Great New Zealand Road Trip - Story Map

Created for the New Zealand Esri User Conference Story Map competition 2016, this story map takes you on a tourist sightseeing tour along New Zealand’s State Highway 1 from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

Research and Coursework

Gaining Insights into Public Transport Satisfaction Using Crowdsourced Information

Masters in Geographic Information Science Research Thesis - 2016/2017

A masters thesis completed in April 2017 that investigated how crowdsourcing could be used to collect location enabled passenger satisfaction feedback from people using bus services in Christchurch, New Zealand. A summary of this research is expected to be published in the near future, the full thesis can be viewed here.

Assessing Wilding Spread in the Canterbury High Country using GIS

Summer Research Project - 2014/2015

To evaluate the usefulness of existing GIS datasets and imagery in assessing wilding pine extent and spread risk in a GIS based upon a Decision Support System (DSS). Supervised by Mark Bloomberg (Lincoln University) and Justin Morgenroth (UC).

Developing a sense of place in St Albans, Christchurch

Group Research Project - 2014

Part of a group research project undertaken for GEOG 309, in collaboration with the St Albans Residential Association. The research aimed to identify the perceived geographical boundaries of St Albans by residents, and develop an understanding of how the residents create their sense of place. 

GEOG 205 Coursework Portfolio

Coursework Assignment - 2012

A portfolio created for the purposes of demonstrating basic GIS and cartographic skill during the GEOG 205 (Introduction to Geographic Information Systems) course.