Murky Waters: Unmapped Areas of Seafloor

Featured in the NACIS Atlas of Design (Vol. 6), released in 2022.

For this map, the intent was to bring to light data from a different and inverted perspective, revealing interesting patterns in seabed maps. By making use of the excellent Spilhaus projection (often dubbed as the favoured projection of fish!), the reader’s attention is drawn to the oceans – showing just how much we don’t know about what lies under the murky depths of our own planet.

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This map can be found in the Atlas of Design Vol 6. It is also available upon request.

About this map

Created for the 30 Day Map Challenge 2020, featured in the exhibition at the International Cartographic Conference in Florence (2021) and selected for inclusion in the North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) Atlas of Design Volume 6, alongside other cartographically renown maps.

Data: GEBCO 2020 dataset, Esri World Oceans