Nobody Lives Here: Uninhabited Areas of New Zealand

Dec 2017

A map of New Zealand showing just how much land is uninhabited per square kilometre, making up 78.21% of our total land area.

Following the posting of several similar maps of other countries, I thought it would be interesting to see how sparse New Zealand was using population data. With 4.6 million people spread out over 268,021 km², New Zealand is not a crowded place when compared to more densely populated countries such as Japan and the UK. 

The above map received plenty of attention on Reddit’s r/newzealand and r/mapporn, and featured in articles in The New Zealand Herald and Newshub.

You can also check out a web map displaying the data below.

Map by Andrew Douglas-Clifford. 1km Population grid data by Blair Rogers/Stats NZ/LINZ under a CC BY licence / Modified from original

The Nobody Lives Here map is available to freely download and print for non-commercial purposes: