The Map Kiwi offers a wide range of cartography and map services by award winning cartographer Andrew Douglas-Clifford.

Our mission is to map our world with effective, beautiful and unique cartography.

   Bespoke Cartographic Services

We offer cartographic map design to suit your every requirement.

  • Tailored map artwork commissions: Have an idea for a map for your home? A cherished personalised gift? We design beautiful custom maps of your chosen location and subject. A popular option is to detail personal journeys and special places on a map.
  • Commercial maps: Does your business need clean, concise and effective print maps? We work with you to create maps that can help your business succeed.
  • Maps for Retail: We design custom maps for products for retail sale. Exclusive and non-exclusive design licences are available.
  • Licensing and Wholesale: Please enquire if you wish to use our range of map designs commercially, or to sell them in retail stores.
  • Alteration of Existing Map Kiwi Designs:  We offer a personalised alteration service for many of the maps we already sell in our online store. Enquire about changing colours, locations or prints on different mediums to suit your requirements.

We can design print maps for the following:

  • Wall maps
  • Website/brochure/report map graphics
  • Maps and graphics for book publishing
  • Maps for signage
  • Need something else? Get in touch with your suggestion and we'll see what we can do.


   Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services

We offer a range of consulting services for creating, editing, analysing and visualising spatial data. Services include:

  • Georeferencing and feature digitisation of paper maps
  • Geographic data editing/cleanup
  • Spatial analysis
  • Geovisualization/map symbol design
  • Cartographic outputs
  • Basic web mapping
  • Mapbox Studio basemap design (commercial licence is required for private/paid websites)

To get started, make an enquiry through any of the following methods: