A map of Christchurch's layout represented beautifully using typography.

Key Points

  • A typography map uses only the names of map features to represent them
  • Shows the streets, rivers, streams, parks, and railway lines of Christchurch's central city

In this map, larger thoroughfares are shown using larger and bolder text taking greater visual prominence, while the smaller residential streets recede to the background. The inspiration for these maps was drawn from Axis Maps' typographic maps of US cities.

The Avon / Ōtākaro river, a thin ribbon of blue type, is shown meandering from the smaller streams of the west, taking a path though the central city and out towards the eastern suburbs of Christchurch.

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Additional Information

Data: OpenStreetMap road network

Software: QGIS for data processing, Adobe Illustrator for layout and type

Fonts: Montserrat, Raleway

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