A series of maps created for the final assignment of GISC 403 in the MGIS programme.

Key Points

  • 10 maps of the Tasman region, created for the final assignment of GISC 403
  • Contains topographical, locational, statistical, a web map and 'non traditional' maps
  • Designed with a tourist audience in mind

As part of the final assignment of the Cartography and Visualization course on the Masters in Geographic Information Science programme, we created an atlas of a chosen region of New Zealand. 

It needed to include a topographical, locational, statistical and non traditional web map. I created a tourist orientated atlas guide to the Tasman region, which included a subset of maps specifically for the Abel Tasman National Park.

List of Maps

  1. Locational Map
  2. Regional Topographical Map
  3. Lake Rotoroa and Rotoiti
  4. Towns of Tasman
  5. Great Taste Cycle Trail
  6. Abel Tasman National Park Topographical Map
  7. Abel Tasman Track Elevation Profile
  8. Abel Tasman Amenity Web Map
  9. Torrent Bay Photo Map
  10. Accommodation and Food Services (statistical map)

Additional Information

Data: Statistics New Zealand (statistical data), University of Otago School of Surveying (Digital Elevation Model), Land Information New Zealand (topographic data)

Software: ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Online (web map), QGIS, Adobe Photoshop (layout, labelling), Microsoft Excel (graph)

Fonts: Montserrat, Raleway


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