Some exciting news - the New Zealand Metro Maps are now for sale right here on my own site! I've just launched the Map Kiwi Store, where you can get poster prints of not only the New Zealand Metro map, but other maps such as the Highways of Australia Metro map and my various terrain maps.

It also contains a brand new map I've recently created - a typography map of Christchurch's streets.


It represents the layout of Christchurch using only street name type, with major thoroughfares taking bolder prominence over smaller ones. I also included parks, railway lines and waterways; if you look carefully you should be able to see the Avon River meander along the path it takes from the west to the east through the city.

If you like this, or any of my other work, you can get prints from the store below.

I greatly appreciate the huge amount of support that I've had since I started making my maps available, and I don't intend to stop!