It’s been a while since the last blog update, but if you’ve been following my social media you will have seen that it’s been a fairly busy 2022! Here’s a quick recap of happenings.

30 Day Map Challenge 2022

A big highlight of the year of course is the #30DayMapChallenge, which rolls around every November primarily on Twitter, but also on other social media platforms as well (including Mastodon!). For this November’s challenge, I created 20 maps, which I think is a pretty solid effort. As always, it was a fun way to try out some new ideas and techniques, and often unexpected ones. The beauty of having some creative constraints means that often things will surprise you! Despite November being a chaotic month for Twitter, where the challenge has the biggest centre of mass, it was awesome to see the community share their work on the hashtag.

You can see a summary of the maps below, and see bigger versions of them here. By popular demand, some are available to buy as prints from the store, including The Alpine Fault poster, Nelson Cycleway Map, Blue Lake vintage poster, New Zealand Glaciers and the Queen Charlotte Sound / Totaranui perspective map.

NACIS Atlas of Design

I was thrilled earlier this year to hear the news that my map Murky Waters: Unmapped Areas of Seafloor would be featured in the NACIS Atlas of Design vol. 6! The Atlas, which is published by the North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) contains a selection of amazing maps from incredible cartographers all around the world, and it’s been an immense privilege to be considered worthy of inclusion in the latest publication. You can check it out and get your own copy here.

Nelson Climate Adaptation Project – Awards

In my capacity as a Geospatial Consultant at Tonkin + Taylor, 2022 has also been a successful year, with projects I’ve worked on winning several awards:

Wrap Up

It’s been a busy year of making maps! No doubt 2023 will be filled with many more with lots of ideas and plans buzzing around my head as well as the demand for commissions where time allows. To keep up with the latest, as always you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Mastodon. Here’s to a good year!