Those who know me personally are aware that I’ve been working hard on my Master’s thesis (more info) since early last year. I’m glad to say that after all this time, it’s nearly finished! With luck, I’ll be submitting my completed thesis on the 26th March. I must admit I have mixed feelings. Glad, because freedom is just around the corner, but anxious about the pressure of it all coming together on time!

Naturally, time constraints meant that there hasn’t been much time for new projects on The Map Kiwi as of late but hopefully, this will change soon after I finish. Here are a few projects I’ve got lined up:

NZ EV Charging Map

I’ve always wanted to learn how to make my own web maps, so I’ve got an electric vehicle themed web map coming up showing all the places in New Zealand that you can fast charge your electric vehicle (EV). I’m a big fan of electric vehicles, so I’m using it as a project to learn more about how to code web maps from scratch. It’s quite a change from the static maps that I usually make!

A quick work in progress screenshot:

I hope to add some extra layer controls, and extra information about future and planned EV Fast Charger locations, as well as some ‘coverage’ areas for each – contours representing the driving distance to the chargers – useful information if you need to know how much battery range you need to reach one.

7 Maps in 7 Days

Another idea that’s been floating around is to try a 7 Maps, 7 Days challenge after the thesis is out of the way. The aim is to create a new map every 24 hours over the course of a week and share it on the site. It’d certainly be a great way to improve my skills under pressure and on a range of different maps.

What sort of maps would you want to see me make in this challenge?
Where would the be? What would they be about? How would they be made?

Send me your ideas here or on the Facebook page. I might just award a free map print to the person with the best idea! 🙂