Hey guys, a few personal updates from me.

I will be giving talks at the GeoCart Cartography conference in Wellington at the end of August! I’ll be talking about creating the State Highway Metro Maps, procrastination mapping and my experiences as a student cartographer. I’ll also be giving a talk about my thesis topic: ‘Gaining Insights into Public Transport Passenger Satisfaction Using Crowdsourced Information’. Public speaking instills a lot of nerves, so fingers crossed it goes well! A big thanks to Land Information New Zealand for supporting my travel to GeoCart.

On a different note, I’ve heard that making commitments to goals publically provides much more motivation to actually achieve it. I’ve never really been satisfied with my ability to program in Python, so here I am; committing to an hour a day improving my Python programming (for those interested, I’m using Learn Python the Hard Way as a starting point).

Lastly, feel free to share any ideas for cool maps, as my procrastination mapping has reached an alarming low. Time for a new project I think!